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Previous Versions of club by-laws

2017 -2021 Season


CHAPTER # 4390


2017 By-Laws



Name and Purpose




This chapter shall be called the Carolina Bassers of Harnett County




To stimulate public awareness of bass fishing as a major sport.  To offer our state conservation department our organized morale and political support and encouragement.  To promote full adherence to all conservation codes and to demand adequate water standards.  To detect and report polluters and call public and political attention to their crime.  To improve our skill as bass anglers through a fellowship of friendly exchange of expert bass catching techniques and ideas and to promote and encourage youth fishing, and a love for this great recreation.  To function as a dynamic and effective link with other chapters of the B.A.S.S. Nation, embracing the principles and purposes of the B.A.S.S.








A.   Approval of Chapter Charter by B.A.S.S


B.    Update B.A.S.S. with chapter membership roster once a year through either through online registration or N.C B.A.S.S. Federation Nation Club President.  Re-up will begin in October.


C.    Names and addresses of new members joining the chapter during the year must be submitted to B.A.S.S. for membership.


D.   Maintain 100% B.A.S.S. membership. Members renew their B.A.S.S. membership directly with B.A.S.S.


E.    Support NCBFN and conservation youth programs.  Any additional requirements that the federation establishes for chapters, such as membership dues, attendance at meetings, etc., would be necessary in order for the chapter to participate in the NCBFN qualifying tournaments, and any other federation sponsored tournaments or events.







The chapter shall begin with and maintain at least six members.




A.   Voluntarily expresses a genuine interest in membership and attend at least 1 club meeting.


B.     Sign up for B.A.S.S. Nation will be at the club meeting in October.


C.    Have a current B.A.S.S membership number at time he/she applies for club membership.      


D.   Membership dues for full membership and rights are $70.00 annually if paid prior to or at the regular club meeting held in November.  Dues for full membership thereafter are $75.00.


E.    Individuals that sign up during the year will be entitled to full membership into the B.A.S.S Nation.


F.    Those under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian in the club as an active full member. (See Jr. and High School Division By-Laws for membership details)




A.   Any action that would reflect dishonor and disgrace on the chapter.


B.    Failure to abide by the rules and by-laws of the chapter.


C.    By a 2/3 majority vote of those present at the next meeting after the motion has been made to remove a member and seconded.




Officers, Elections, and Eligibility




The officers of the chapter shall consist of:


A.     PRESIDENT:  The primary function of the president is to assure proper and fair enforcement of the club’s constitution.  The president presides over all meetings and all official business.  Appoints all committee members and becomes an ex officio member of all committees.  A newly elected president will appoint 2 financial auditors during their term of office. The president supervises all club functions and ensures that each is run properly. The president assists the activity committee chairperson with any problems that may arise.  The president is governing official over any situation that may occur that is not covered by the club constitution.  The president directs meetings according to parliamentary procedures so that business can be accomplished in as short a time as possible.  Meetings cancelled for any reason will not be rescheduled.  The president must attend or appoint a member to be present at each NCBFN meeting. 


B.     VICE PRESIDENT:  The primary function of the vice president is to assist the president in any function.  Acts as program chairperson and presides in the absence of the president.  This office automatically becomes a member of the tournament committee.


C.     SECRETARY:  The secretary is an elected official whose primary duty will be to assure that complete and legible minutes are kept of all meetings.  Maintains and keeps accurate minutes of all regular and special meetings as called for by the chapter president.  Maintain regular liaison between the chapter, NCBFN and B.A.S.S.  The prior meeting’s minutes will be read at each meeting for the club’s approval.  The secretary will also handle all correspondence with B.A.S.S. assuring that all rosters are up-to-date, keep up-to-date the constitution with amendments and keep the president abreast of all NCBFN news as they come through the mail.  Even though it is not required, it is advisable for the secretary to attend NCBFN meetings to take minutes of their proceedings.  This will be a requirement if the president and vice president are unable to attend.  Only one representative from a club is allowed a vote, but the secretary can voice his/her opinion if accompanied by the president or vice president.  The secretary will maintain a current and previous year score sheet standing of all members.


D.     TREASURER:  Collects and disburses all club moneys.  The treasurer is responsible for ensuring that all funds are collected and deposited in a bank account established by the club or established by the treasurer if approved by the club.  The treasurer will keep a record of all income and expenses in a legible and easy to read ledger with a current total balance.  The treasurer will report to the club at each meeting.  The report will include all transactions that have occurred from the last report and the ending account balance.  The treasurer will act as the club’s collection agency for all collections.  The treasurer can appoint a tournament committee member to assist in collecting tournament fees.  No one will be added to the club roster or be given any tournament points until fees are collected.  The treasurer will be responsible for the purchasing of all tournament and award trophies either personally or through an appointed assistant.  Trophies and plaques will be purchased from club sponsors if applicable.  The treasurer will also make yearly payments in January and retain receipts for the rent we pay to utilize the Johnsonville Community Center for club meetings.


  1. YOUTH DIRECTOR:  The primary function of the youth director is to oversee and maintain all aspects of the Jr. Division’s and High School activities.  They will assist the Jr. Division president in presiding over all meetings, supervise all Jr. and High School Club functions and ensure that each function is run properly.  Maintain all correspondence with B.A.S.S and NCBFN on any youth related activities.  Keep Jr. and High School Division By-Laws current and mediate any problems with them.


  1. TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR:  The tournament director is responsible for ensuring that all tournaments are carried out according to tournament rules and club by-laws.  The members of the tournament committee will be assembled during the October meeting.  This committee will be a minimum of three individuals, besides the president and vice president who automatically become members once elected. Responsibilities of the tournament director and committee shall consist of:


1.     Developing a tournament schedule that will be presented to the club at the November meeting for approval.  The approval process shall consist of a simple majority vote by the club members present at the meeting.  Should the selected lake/date not meet with approval, alternate lakes/dates will be chosen and voted on.


2.     Through the year, the tournament director will be responsible for ensuring that the lakes are suitable for tournaments (such as lake levels, etc.) and choosing adequate landing sites.  (See Article VI, Section 1, Para C)


3.     If there is a protest at a particular tournament, the committee will be the ones responsible for determining a solution and making a ruling.  All questions concerning a tournament past, present, or future, at a regular monthly meeting, will be directed to the Tournament Director who will be responsible to answer them or acquire an answer by the next meeting.


4.     It will also be the responsibility of the committee to assist in assuring that each individual has a partner for each tournament.  It will be the responsibility of each individual to EXHAUST ALL EFFORTS to acquire a partner before asking the committee for assistance.  The committee is not required to partner everyone and to assure a ride. 





The term of office for all officers and committees is for one year and shall begin at the November meeting and conclude at the following October meeting.




A.   Has been a member for at least six months.


B.    Have attended a majority of the Chapter meeting and a majority of all Chapter functions.


C.    Have shown an active interest in all chapter functions.




The elections of officers will be held in October of each year.  Elections shall be by simple majority of members present.  Election for each officer shall be held separately in the order listed in Article IV, Section 1.




Each full member is entitled to one vote.  Proxy votes are not permitted.



Appointed Officials


The president will appoint the following officials each year.  Each person will serve for one year or until a new official is appointed.  The president will appoint members with concurrence of the vice president and secretary.


A.   AUDIT COMMITTEE:  The two appointed members are responsible for the accuracy of tournament scoring and club finances.


B.    SCOREKEEPER:  The scorekeeper is responsible for keeping angler point standings.  Ensures the standings are accurate and published as soon as possible.  The scorekeeper will keep records on the largest fish caught at each tournament, smallest creel, largest creel, attendance, or any other statistics that is of importance for end of year publication.  The scorekeeper will make the score sheet in three copies at the tournament, one for the secretary and one for the tournament director.


C.    ARCHIVES DIRECTOR:  The Archives Director is responsible for maintaining the “Scrapbook”.  The Scrapbook will contain a record of each club tournament and activity through pictures, news clippings and personal comments.


D.   PUBLIC RELATIONS DIRECTOR AND REPORTERS:  These members will be responsible for promoting club events to include tournaments, fund-raisers, community services, etc.  They will provide tournament data to media organizations and web master for posting.




Tournament Rules and Youth Division Guidelines




The tournament committee sets forth the following rules and regulations and will be responsible for the interpretation of them.


A.   PARTICIPATION:  Requirement for participation in the club’s tournament season is for the new member to attend at least one meeting prior to actual tournament participation.  Previous members from the prior season are exempt from the meeting requirement; however, they must turn in all NCBFN and membership paperwork when paying their membership dues. Tournaments are open to Carolina Bassers Club members only, with the exception of the following: A club member in good standing may sponsor two guests per year.  They will not be eligible for points or trophies.  However, they may participant in the Big Fish pot.  


B.    TOURNAMENT CATEGORIES:  Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass and Spotted Bass.


C.    TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE:  Tournaments will normally be held regardless of weather conditions.  The tournament director reserves the right to change starting times, dates, and/or locations due to unforeseen circumstances that are beyond the control of the club.  If possible, when voting for an alternative lake due to unforeseen circumstances, the club will round table where they would like to fish.  The president will then call for a vote on all the places selected.  The top 2 vote getters will be voted on again to get a majority vote by the club.  Club tournament dates will be changed if they fall on the same date as the NCBFN State tournament. 


D.   BOATS AND MOTORS:  All boats must be properly equipped to meet existing safety standards and do not exceed B.I.A. ratings. All members must have on approved PFD and kill switch on while operating the big motor. (Note: While not enforceable, all boats should have a properly working live well.)


E.    TACKLE AND EQUIPMENT:  Fishing must be done with only one rod and reel.  No live bait will be used (only artificial lures.)


F.    LATE PENALTY:  There will be a penalty of 16 ounces of the total for each (one) minute a contestant is late checking in at the close of the tournament day.  Any member who fails to check in within 10 minutes after the close of the day will not be allowed to weigh in.  Individuals arriving to the tournament site late will have two hours from the scheduled start time, to find any club member and pay their entry fees.  No fishing will be done during this period of searching for a club member.  Once a club member has been located, it will be the responsibility of the club member to collect the entry fees, check live wells and document the time he/she was contacted.  EXAMPLE:  If a tournament is scheduled to start at 7:00 am and a member arrives at the site at 8:30 am, he/she has 30 minutes to locate a club member.  If the late arrival has failed to locate a club member within the time limited, he/she will not be credited for or allowed to weigh in that tournament.


G.   SCORING:  The scoring year will begin at the November meeting for the following year.  Club members will receive 5 points for each meeting they attend.  Tournament scores will be based on the total weight in accordance with state laws.  Only bass listed in Section 1 Sub-Section B will be weighed.  Where legal, Two (2) bass can be a minimum of ten inches; the remainder must be a minimum of 14 inches.  Angler will receive points in accordance with the B.A.S.S. Tour scoring system.  Points will start with the first place position receiving 75 points and will decrease 1 point for each position below first place. Maximum deviation for anglers not weighing in a fish-vs-last angler to weigh-in a fish will be 5 points.   Any angler bringing more than five fish to the weigh-in site will have the entire weight disqualified from the tournament and will receive minimum points allowed for participation.  Weigh-in slips will be given to each member weighing in fish.  It is the responsibility of the member to ensure posted website score is accurate.  Club members have 30 days from the time of website posting to contact Tournament Director to contest inaccurate scores.  One time during the year tournament schedule, if an individual/individuals are unable to make a tournament (one or two day), and they pay their entree fee; will be allowed to receive points based on maximum deviation 15 points from last angler to weigh in a fish.  The individual/individuals will inform club officers at club meeting that they will be unable to fish that's month’s tournament and must prepay at meeting. 


H.   TIES:  Only 3 places for trophies will be given and 5 places for the payout. If a tie occurs, the payout/trophy will be comprised of the tying position and the next place. Tournament Sponsored cash/prizes will be divided at the discretion of the president and tournament director.


I.      PENALTY:  Violation of any rules may be cause for disqualification for the tournament and/or expulsion from the club.


J.     PROTESTS:  Protests must be made within 30 minutes after the tournament scales have been closed.  Protests must be in writing, signed, and given to tournament director or president.


K.   ADVANCE FEES:  If any member pays tournament fees in advance and fails to show up, they forfeit their fees to the club.  The only exception to this rule would be in personal or family emergencies or any unforeseen circumstances in which case the president and or tournament committee decides the validity of the emergency.


L.    BLAST OFF:  Blast off will by numbers drawn previously.  The numbers drawn will start with the members in attendance at the meeting being drawn first (per the sign-in roster).  After all attendees are drawn then the non-attendees (remaining club members in good standing) will be drawn.  In the event that monthly meeting is cancelled, the blast off order will be conducted at tournament ramp. 


M.  PAIRINGS:  Participants may choose their own partners. Non-boaters should make sure they have a partner for upcoming tournaments.  If required, Tournament Director will pair a non-boater with a boater in the following method.  Tournament Director will draw boater names until a boater is found to take the unpaired non-boater. 


N.   DEAD FISH PENALTY:  Penalties for dead fish will be 8 oz.


O.   FEES:  Tournament fees will be $45.00 per tournament and the member must indicate that he is in the “Big Bass Pot” (Optional - $5.00). The distribution will be $8.00 for first, $7.00 for second, $6.00 for third, $5.00 for fourth, and $4.00 for fifth for each entry paid.   


P.    TOURNAMENT FISH:  All fish caught during a tournament becomes the property of the tournament director except for trophy bass.


Q.   ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES:  Alcoholic beverages are not allowed during any club function. This includes tournaments, tournament weigh-ins, and club sponsored events and fundraisers.


R.    SHARING INFORMATION:  To help improve the bass angling skills of our club members, the top five from each tournament will describe their tactics and pattern of catching their winning bag.  Specific location does not need to be mentioned, but type of structure, general location (i.e. road bed, points, up river, lower lake, etc…) and most productive lure/color will be shared with the rest of the club members at the following meeting.




The Carolina Bassers will support and maintain a Jr. and High School Division for the purpose of bringing young boys and girls into our club and sport.  We will also encourage them to learn to fish and be an active member with fishing clubs in the future.


  1. Specific guidelines and rules for the Jr. and High School Division can be found within their Division By-Laws.


  1. Jr. and High School Members can only fish with a fully federated club member during a tournament.


  1. The Youth Director will oversee all Jr. and High School Division activities to include meetings, tournaments, and special functions.


  1. Be 18 years old or younger


     E.   Be a member of the B.A.S.S. Federation Nation




North Carolina BASS Fishing Nation (NCBFN)

State Tournament Qualifying




1.  Qualifying for the NCBFN State Tournament is determined by the club member's position in the Anger of the Year (AOY) Standings. 

2.  The club will pay the tournament entry fee and cost of lodging when financially able for up to 12 anglers (Club officers will decide on how many anglers the club can afford to send to tournament)

3.  The will send an equal number of boaters and non-boaters

4.  The amount of boaters will be determined by having an equal amount of Non-Boaters (up to 6 boaters) 

5.  Boater positions will be the top 6 AOY anglers if there are 6 non-boaters

6.  Boater positions will be the top 5 AOY anglers if there are at least 5 non-boaters

7.  Boater positions will be the top 4 AOY if there are at least 4 non-boater, and so on down the final standings.

8.  The club will also send an additional non-boater if there are an odd number of participants who want to fish tournament (up to 11)

9.  NCBFN State tournament formats sometimes change after club by-laws are written.  Club Officers will discuss circumstances of format changes and Club President will make final decision on what is best for the club per his duty as President.





1.  The club can sometimes afford to send 12 anglers, but sometimes do not have that amount of anglers who want to go

2.  It is not uncommon for the top 12 Qualifying anglers to not want to fish the NCFBN State Tournament.  The next angler in the standings moves up into qualifying position.

3.  There are only 8 club members that want to go to the NCBFN State Tournament.  The top 4 anglers in the AOY Standings will be the boaters and the next 4 anglers will be non-boaters

4.  There are only 9 club members that want to go to the NCBFN State Tournament.  The top 4 anglers in the AOY Standing will be boaters and the next 5 anglers will be non-boaters

5.  Any angler that does not qualify for a paid entry fee or cost of lodging can still fish the NCBFN State Tournament.  Anglers would be required to contact NCFBN President and sign up as either a boater or non-boater.  They would be required to pay their own entry fee and cost of lodging

6.  Qualifying non-boaters that do not wish to be a non-boater can still fish NCBFN State Tournament as a boater.  These anglers will forfeit their entry fee and cost of lodging and will also be required to contact NCBFN President and sign up as a boater

7.  If a qualifying boater only wants to go to NCBFN State Tournament as a non-boater...The next non-boater in AOY Standings will move to a boater status




1.  A club member will be considered committed to fish the NCBFN State Tournament once the club Treasurer has mailed the entry fees to the NCBFN President.  A committed NCBFN State Tournament participant must reimburse the club for any expenses incurred if/he/she drops out of tournament for everything with exception of an actual emergency.  Club officers will discuss circumstances of angler and Club President will make final decision on what is best for the club per his duty as President



Awards Presented


A.   The CHARLES R. RHODES AWARD – “MEMBER OF THE YEAR”:  This award plaque will be given in memory of Charles R. Rhodes.  The award will be given to the member who has demonstrated the most enthusiasm and participation in club tournaments, functions, and special projects.  The member of the year will be selected by the executive committee and presented by the president at the “End of Year Awards Banquet.”  Should there be a tie for this award, then both members will receive the award.


B.    The BILL PIERCE AWARD – “MOST IMPROVED FISHERMAN”:  This award plaque will be given in memory of Bill Pierce.  The award will be given to the member who has shown most improvement as calculated by the scorekeeper.   The most improved fisherman will be determined by the following:


1.     Participant must have fished a minimum of 50% of the tournaments for both this year and previous year.


2.     Total all points earned at the tournaments including the 25 bonus points for being a participant.  Do not use meeting points.


3.     Then average out the points for each tournament by taking the total points and dividing them by the number of tournaments fished that year.


4.     After doing this for both years, choose the person whose average points increased the most.


C.     END OF YEAR TROPHIES:  The club presents to the top six finishers at the year-end Banquet.  The first place finisher will receive a check for $100.00 and the “Angler of the Year” club jacket.  The second place finisher will receive a check for $50.00 and the third place finisher will received a check for $25.00.


D.   END OF YEAR TROPHIES:  The club presents to youth at the year-end Banquet.  Note:  To be eligible for a trophy youth must fish a minimum of 50% of lakes/rivers on the schedule for the current year.   


E.    BIG BASS AWARD:  A plaque will be given to the adult member who caught the biggest bass during the tournament year.


F.    PRESIDENT’S AWARD:  The president will receive a plaque presented by the treasurer.







Interpretation, Protests, and Disagreements


All interpretations, protests, and disagreements will be brought before the executive committee for a ruling, whose decision is final.  This executive body will handle all the above except in cases involving tournament rules and procedures, which lies under the tournament committee’s jurisdiction (Article IV, Section 1, Para F, Sub Section 3)




By-Law Changes


All By-Law change proposals will be brought before the club during the September meeting for discussion and voted on during the October meeting.  This will ensure new By-Law changes adopted will be in effect for the coming season.  This is the only time that the club By-Laws can be changed.

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